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Daniel Roberts

DanNY Roberts
Professional Boxer

  • Sponsored by Gigs
  • Daniel Roberts - Undefeated Professional Boxer 3 - 0

    Team Roberts, the fighting pride of the Isle of Man,
    future champion, Gigs Eyewear are proud sponsors.


Born in the Isle of Man - a place close to the heart of Gigs.
Coming from a place where there are limited social options and many sheep, Danny has made his own personal training grounds out of its nature reserves.

With a coastline of just 160km to play with each day, he forges his dreams and desires using both common and uncommon techniques - Wim Hoff breathing, cold therapy, hill sprints, and triathlons!

With sponsored battle gear and a video we present to you a glimpse of just how beautiful the island is we originate from and the preparations that make 1% better every day.

From Life, For Life. 


danny roberts boxing

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