Where We Began

It all started with three friends that noticed a gap In the market, the missing piece to the world of eyewear. Gigs was born through a passion for our planet and care for our eyes. Originating in Chester, UK, the three of us began to design the perfect sunglasses that we thought would be essential.

Our lenses offer high levels of protection, Polarisation, UV400 & Blue Light Filtering which we think is absolutely necessary all year round. Anything less has been proven to leave us with long term damage, there are too many products available on the market that offer no protection at all. So we’ve made it simple, we’ve got one set of eyes so we should really look after them!

We have built something very special to raise awareness to our environment positively through a product that is built from the natural resources that we live on.

The earth needs our help, over the next 12 years if we don’t make massive changes to our behaviour the damage we’ve done will be irreversible. So earth, we’re with you!

Aside from using recyclable materials and being passionate about bringing the happy vibes, happiness, optimism and energy, the impact mental health is having on our society needs more attention. So as a result, we’ve created glasses that quite literally brighten up your day and make you feel good!

Why We Created Gigs

We have created a lens that evokes feelings of warmth and happiness by boosting saturation and blocking blue light.

Polarised, 100% UVA/UVB and blue light protection are what we see as essential as well as being completely biodegradable.
We couldn’t find any sunglasses that achieved all of this. So thats why we came along and created them.