About Us

We have created a lens that evokes feelings of warmth and happiness by boosting saturation and blocking blue light.

Polarised, 100% UVA/UVB and blue light protection are what we see as essential as well as being completely biodegradable.

We couldn’t find any sunglasses that achieved all of this.
So thats why we came along and created them.


Important Things


Happy Lenses

We spent 10 months going through tons of different lenses to find a colour that makes you smile. Eventually when we found the right one, we looked at each other with the biggest cheesy smile!



Acetate from Italy

Our materials are provided from Mazzucchelli, based in Italy. You might see Mazzucchelli’s famous Italian styles across the world and with good reason, because they’re priceless sunglasses, but completely affordable with Gigs Eyewear.

roman sunglasses



If you apply sun cream to protect your skin, why would you wear sunglasses that don't protect your eyes? Our lenses are fully polarised cutting out reflective light from windows and shiny surfaces, also while providing 100% UVA / UVB protection and blue light filtering.


Why would you protect your skin with sunscreen, but not protect your eyes with protective sunglasses?

Our lenses are:

✓ Polarised
✓ UVA & UVB Protected
✓ Blue Light Protected
✓ Scratch Resistant

What makes our sunglasses biodegradable?

The Lens

Our lenses are made from Cellulose Triacetate.

It's a chemical compound produced from cellulose and a source of acetate esters, typically acetic anhydride. Triacetate is commonly used for the creation of fibres and film base and it's chemically similar to cellulose acetate.

The Frame

Our frames are made from Cellulose Acetate.

Cellulose acetate is a plant-based plastic that is hypoallergenic.
Acetate fabrics are made with spun filaments of cellulose taken from wood pulp and It’s a non-petroleum based plastic that is made from natural cotton and wood fibers.

Benefits of Polarised Lenses

✓ Reduces Glare
✓ Safer driving, cycling, skiing etc.
✓ Reduces Eye Strain
✓ No Squinting
✓ Conveys colour faithfully
✓ Enhances clarity of vision and contrast for ground level objects and for seeing into water

Normal sunglasses can make you feel like you are constantly squinting which can cause eye strain and fatigue.

Visible light waves from the sun travel in all directions. When this scattered light meets a horizontal surface, like a road or water, a large portion of the light is reflected with horizontal light rays.

Polarised glasses have a built-in, laminated filter that permits only vertical light rays to pass through, and almost totally blocks horizontal rays to eliminate glares.

Horizontal light reduces visibility and simply creates glare. Glare, also called visual noise, reduces visibility and makes it uncomfortable, painful and dangerous to carry on driving, cycling, skiing etc.

While non-polarised lenses just make things look darker, polarised sunglasses guarantees more comfort and safety.

Held Together By Sunlight

12 months in the making.

We’ve gone from blue prints to reality using the Italian inspired techniques from the famous Mazzucchelli.

We’ve followed detailed fashion designing techniques using completely biodegradable materials, not to mention a lens to really spring your world to life.

From life, for life.